Wednesday, September 17, 2008

our new orchid

T.O. and I are happy to be sharing our apartment with a new orchid! For the past week or so it has had a new bud. This morning, the bud was still curled up tightly, but tonight... what a display!

This photo is a little dark, but I like how it emphasizes the depth of the bud's interior.

This photo, of course, is a little too bright! The orchid's colour is much deeper than this. It's a beauty though, don't you think?  The flower, I mean, not the photo.

Monday, September 15, 2008

i'd rather be camping

If I could I would disappear into the wilderness of Algonquin park forever. Me, Tolerant Other, his fishing rod, a tent, two backpacks, some dried soup and some instant coffee. And a canoe! I'm sold.

memories of summer

Green turns into red on our little balcony garden... definitely the best way to measure the months passing.

Soon the whole city will be covered in red leaves! I'm not sure I'm ready to cocoon myself just yet.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

cozy commuter

An adorable knit bicycle from Oh, Christina! ! It might even keep you warm in the winter. 

where did the summer go?

Where has the time gone?
I miss blogging! The weather is changing, and I'm ready to start nesting again.
And knitting, and sewing! And I have some great new supplies...

I recently got some great vintage fabric from Ebay! The pattern is very art deco, and I especially like the unusual colour scheme. The weight is similar to a twill, so it should work well for a bag or two.

Oh, and here's a project I recently finished. It was a wedding gift for Tolerant Other's brother and (now) wife, for their new home. They got a good laugh out of it!