Tuesday, January 29, 2008

polka dot fabric

I just got a delivery from Superbuzzy! I'm hoping to make a nice summer dress with this fabric... it's a lightweight cotton, and I think it will be perfect for a loose sack-like little number. I'm not sure what I'll do with the linen robot trim, or the squirrel and mushroom patches, but they were too cute to pass up.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

beautiful guilt

Last thing for today: I admit I have a problem. I accidentally bought this beautiful Mercy blouse today at Lola & Emily after leaving my apartment with no intention of buying anything at all.  But honestly: isn't the fabric gorgeous? And of course, it's sale season... I have so little willpower when it comes to beautiful things.

thinking cap

I finished a hat this afternoon: every once in a while, a great group of women in my department (a large percentage of the total female population, actually) get together for tea/drinks (depending on the time of day) and some knitting. Cheesy movies are also often involved. And sweets, of course. 

The pom-pom was an afterthought... the hat seems robust enough that a large topper fits, I think. Anyway, it's removable if I decide that I hate it (I'm always changing my mind).

The yarn is Sonomono "colored wool 100%" col. 43 from a beautiful store in Nara, Japan.

The cable pattern was inspired by a great little book... the title's rough translation is "Aran Patterns for Small Things".


... my first blog. There are so many great knitting and sewing blogs out there... for a while now I've been feeling the urge to join in. Not that I can promise that this will be a good knitting blog... but it will be a blog. With knitting. And sewing.

A few rules I will try to stick to while exposing the poor intra-net to my unexplained textile fetish, questionable photography skills and often aimless ramblings:

1) No gratuitous glamour shots. Of me. (There may be yarn porn.) I have a crooked smile and generally little control over my face and its features. I have learned to embrace this reality and to relinquish all dreams of blue steel close-ups. 

2) No photos of my pets in sweaters or scarves. I don't have any pets, much to the relief of knitwear-anxious animals everywhere.

3) No socks. I don't understand some fiber-fetishists' obsession with knitting cheesy cosies for what are undoubtedly the stinkiest and most thankless parts of the human body. Also, I have no desire to ever leave my apartment with rainbow-coloured feet. 

I guess, from here, I should start taking some pictures! More to come.