Sunday, January 27, 2008


... my first blog. There are so many great knitting and sewing blogs out there... for a while now I've been feeling the urge to join in. Not that I can promise that this will be a good knitting blog... but it will be a blog. With knitting. And sewing.

A few rules I will try to stick to while exposing the poor intra-net to my unexplained textile fetish, questionable photography skills and often aimless ramblings:

1) No gratuitous glamour shots. Of me. (There may be yarn porn.) I have a crooked smile and generally little control over my face and its features. I have learned to embrace this reality and to relinquish all dreams of blue steel close-ups. 

2) No photos of my pets in sweaters or scarves. I don't have any pets, much to the relief of knitwear-anxious animals everywhere.

3) No socks. I don't understand some fiber-fetishists' obsession with knitting cheesy cosies for what are undoubtedly the stinkiest and most thankless parts of the human body. Also, I have no desire to ever leave my apartment with rainbow-coloured feet. 

I guess, from here, I should start taking some pictures! More to come.

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